The THM 1304 heavy duty gas turbine family consists of two members with ISO power outputs of 10,500 kW and 12,500 kW. These machines are all self-contained, completely integrated industrial prime movers of a compact, axial-flow design. Due to their twin-shaft construction the gas generator and power turbine are mechanically independent of each other, which is crucial in respect of rapid installation and maintenance. The design of the THM family combines the advantages of heavy duty machines with the convenience of low maintenance from today’s aeroderivative turbines: The engines are of modular design and are easy to disassemble for service and handling. The aerodynamics, cooling technologies and materials are based upon recent aero engine knowhow. Another prime characteristic of the THM family is their ability to operate at gas temperatures and stress levels which provides maximum assurance of long life of the major rotating and stationary components. The result is a combination of outstanding performance characteristics together with competitive operation and optimal service best suited for industrial use. A major design objective is the ability of continuous retrofitting. Regular uprating and upgrading measures at MAN Diesel & Turbo make new technologies available for all customers. The modular design philosophy allows for the easy integration of these technologies into existing engines.

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  1304-10N   1304-12N  
Parameter Mechanical Drive Power Generation Mechanical Drive Power Generation
Power Output 10.5 MW 10.08 MW 12.5 MW 12.0 MW
Efficiency 30.4% 29.2% 31.8% 30.5%
Heat Rate 11,840 kJ/kWh 12,380 kJ/kWh 11,320 kJ/kWh 11,790 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio 10 10 11 11
Exhaust Mass Flow 46.5 kg/s 46.5 kg/s 49.1 kg/s 49.1 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 490 ºC 490 ÂºC 515 ÂºC 515 ÂºC
Turbine Speed 9,000 rpm 9,000 rpm 9,000 rpm 9,000 rpm
  • Twin Shaft engine
  • 11 compressor stages: 10 axial + 1 radial
  • Silo combustion chamber type
  • DLE Combustion System or Standard
  • 2 gas generator turbine stages
  • 2 power turbine stages
  • Approximate weight:
    • 40,000 kg (GT only)
    • 120,000 kg (Single Lift including Gear & Generator)
  • Approximate dimensions:
    • 10×3.3×4.5 m3 (GT only)
    • 18×4.5×5.1 m3 (Single Lift including Gear & Generator)




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