These turbines are fuel-flexible, and can operate on natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), distillate and treated residual oil in a variety of applications including: mechanical drive for large compressor trains; simple cycle and combined cycle; base load and peaking power generation; industrial and cogeneration. They all feature a 17-stage compressor with stacked disk design, reverse flow combustion system, three-stage turbine with air-cooled 1st and 2nd stage nozzles and buckets, and two or three bearing rotor supports.

The MS7001EA is a highly reliable, mid-size packaged power plant for 60 Hz applications. With nearly 1000 units installed worldwide, the 7EA provides proven energy efficiency, availability, performance and maintainability. The simple design lends itself to flexibility in plant layout and easy, low-cost addition of power augmentation when phased capacity expansion is needed. It is ideal for plants that require high efficiency along with shaft speed for direct coupling to the generator.

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Parameter Power Generation Mechanical Drive
Power Output  85.400 MW  86.226 MW
Efficiency 32.7% 33.0%
Heat Rate 10,990 kJ/kWh 10,920 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio 12.6 12.6
Exhaust Mass Flow 292.0 kg/s  296 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 537 °C 535 Â°C
Turbine Speed 3,600 rpm 3,600 rpm
  • Single Shaft engine
  • 17 compressor stages
  • 10 cannular combustion chambers
  • 3 turbine stages
  • Approximate weight:
    • Power Generation: 121,000 kg
    • Mechanical Drive: 121,000 kg (including auxiliary skid)
  • Approximate dimensions:
    • Power Generation: 11.6×3.3×3.8 m3
    • Mechanical Drive: 11.6×3.3×3.8 m3 (including auxiliary skid)




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