R&D Reports

ETN regularly publishes R&D reports and other publications as part of the activities within our Working Groups. You can download below our reports covering topics such as micro gas turbines, digitalisation, additive manufacturing, hydrogen and supercritical CO2.


The ETN Hydrogen Gas Turbines report was issued by ETN, as part of the activities of our Hydrogen Working Group. The report was directed by Peter Kutne (DLR) with the support of the ETN secretariat.


This report was prepared by the ETN Project Board, which provides an independent support to new initiatives or issues brought to the ETN platform. The report includes recommendations on key research topics of gas turbine development based on the current market outlook and the users’ requirements.


The Micro Gas Turbine Technology Summary was produced by ETN’s Micro Gas Turbine Working Group composed of MGT OEMs, heat exchanger manufacturers and R&D institutes. This document aims to identify a number of key areas that require substantial R&D efforts for micro gas turbines from the European community to become competitive in the energy sector worldwide.


The techno economic case study “Hydrogen Deployment in centralised power generation” was led by ETN’s Young Engineers Committee. It is an evaluation of the technical feasibility and economics of hydrogen utilisation for large-scale, centralised power generation.


ETN’s “Business case for sCO2 Waste Heat Recovery System” report was published in October 2020 as part of the activities within ETN’s sCO2 Working Group.


The ETN booklet “Best practices for defects detection in additively manufactured components in the energy sector” gives a general overview of the current utilisation, development and future trends of additive manufacturing (AM) in the energy sector, highlighting the actual knowledge of the defects induced by AM processing. This publication is available for ETN members only (login required).



The objective of ETN’s White Paper “Industrial Internet: the next age of productivity for European GT based plants” is to provide support and guidance to the ETN members on Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet. The content was developed during ETN Workshops in 2016-2017, in a joint effort between Technical Committees 4 and 5, and the full paper was presented at ETN’s IGTC in October 2018.




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