The MGT-70 heavy-duty gas turbine is a well-proven and reliable workhorse of the power generation industry with a remarkably large fleet of installed and running units in Iran and around the world. Over the years, the MGT-70 has undergone several major engineering and technological upgrades on different sections to enhance its performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Durability, dual fuel flexibility and proven simple and combined cycle performance in addition to walk-in, easy-maintenance combustion chambers and Dry Low NOx burners with less environmental impacts make MGT-70 an extremely economic and efficient option for power generation applications.

Courtesy from Mapna Group ©
Parameter MGT-70 (2) MGT-70 (3)
Gross Output 172 MW 185 MW
Heat Rate 10,405 kJ/kWh 9,920  kJ/kWh
Gross Efficiency 34.6% 36.3%
Shaft Speed 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
Pressure Ratio 11.9 12
Exhaust Mass Flow 535 kg/s 554 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 556 °C 544 °C
NOx Emissions 25 ppmv 25 ppmv
  • Single-shaft engine
  • 16 compressor stages
  • No gas generator turbine stage
  • 4 power turbine stages
  • Silo Type combustor geometry
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 186 tonnes (aux. incl.)
  • Approximate dimensions: 10.2 x 3.9 x 3.7 m3



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