The MGT-40 gas turbine is an exclusively designed gas turbine for a robust and reliable performance in a variety of applications ranging from simple and combined cycle power generation to mechanical drive applications where reliability and availability are of vital importance. Advanced combustion system with water injection for NOx abatement to meet stringent environmental emissions requirements along with replaceable turbine side blades, rapid installation and low cost maintenance are some of the other outstanding features which make MGT-40 a perfect fit across a broad range of applications.

Courtesy from Mapna Group ©
Parameter Value
Functionality Power Generation
Gross Output 42.2 MW
Heat Rate 11,180 kJ/kWh
Gross Efficiency 32.2%
Shaft Speed 5160 rpm
Pressure Ratio 12.3
Exhaust Mass Flow 147 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 548 °C
NOx Emissions 42 ppmv (water injection)
  • Single shaft engine
  • 17 compressor stages
  • no gas generator turbine stage
  • 3 power turbine stages
  • Reverse Flow, Can Annular combustor geometry
  • No DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 43 tonnes (aux. incl.)
  • Approximate dimensions: 6.4 x 3.3 x 3.3 m3



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