The LM6000-PF+ aeroderivative gas turbine with DLE combustion technology can offer the best cost per kilowatt in its power class. It delivers excellent reliability and fuel flexibility in both power generation and mechanical-drive applications, whether installed onshore or offshore.

Exceptional metrics

       42.7% efficiency, simple cycle

        Startup in 5 minutes

        Full power in 10 minutes or less

        Pressurized LNG compressor startup capability without helper motor assistance


One of the biggest realities in today’s global market is that efficiency has a direct and critical correlation with an operation’s success. The PF+ is designed specifically with that fact in mind, providing more power with an efficiency that’s nearly a point higher than our old technology. And the design is tuned to make combined cycle highly practical, which is a key factor, especially in parts of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. The excellent thermal efficiency, high starting torque, and nearconstant efficiency over a wide range of ambient temperatures (from 50-100°F/10-37°C) make the PF+ ideal for LNG plants and other energy-intensive processes. The PF+ is optimized for mechanical drive in LNG applications including the ability to start a settled compressor train with no need for a helper motor. With speed flexibility ranging from 50% to 105%, the PF+ can meet ever-changing energy demands to deliver significant cost savings.

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Parameter Value
Power Output 44.8 MW
Efficiency 42.7%
Heat Rate 8,787 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio 28
Exhaust Mass Flow 125 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 455 ºC
Turbine Speed 3600 rpm
  • Twin shaft engine
  • 19 compressor stages: 5 LPC and 14 HPC
  • 2 gas generator turbine stage
  • 6 power turbine stage
  • Annular combustor geometry
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 31,000 kg
  • Approximate dimensions: 9.3×4.2×4.4 m3



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