Archives: Gas Turbine Products

  • SGT-A65

  • SGT-A45

  • SGT-A35

  • SGT-A05

  • SGT-9000HL

  • AE-T100


  • GT36-S5

    H class gas turbine with cannular combustion chamber.  

  • GT26

    F class gas turbine with annular combustion chamber and sequential combustion.  

  • MGT-70

    The MGT-70 heavy-duty gas turbine is a well-proven and reliable workhorse of the power generation industry with a remarkably large fleet of installed and running units in Iran and around the world. Over the years, the MGT-70 has undergone several major engineering and technological upgrades on different sections to enhance its performance, reliability and energy […]

  • MGT-30

    The MGT-30 gas turbine meets a broad range of clients’ requirements for economic installation and operation of an outstanding gas turbine as prime mover for compressors, pumps, blowers, etc., in industrial applications (MGT-30MD) or as stationary or mobile standalone power generation sets. The proven performance and highly flexible operation of MGT-30 makes it a gas […]



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