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    ETN Hydrogen Gas Turbine Report – The path towards a zero-carbon gas turbine is out

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  • ETN - a non-profit membership association

    ETN brings together the entire value chain of turbomachinery technology worldwide


  • Gas turbine technology

    ETN aims to initiate projects and standardisations that can achieve tangible advances and cost reductions in gas turbine technology


  • The link between the policy makers and the industry

    ETN provides operational technical input to policymakers in terms of gas turbine environmental compliance, technology watch and R&D needs


  • Future of gas turbines

    ETN works towards environmentally sound gas turbine technology with reliable and low cost operation


  • Research effort between stakeholders

    ETN acts as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experiences




ETN Global is a non-profit membership association bringing together the entire value chain of the gas turbine technology.

Through cooperative efforts and by initiating common activities and projects, ETN encourages and facilitates information exchange and cooperation to accelerate research, development, demonstration, and deployment of safe, secure, affordable and dispatchable carbon-neutral energy solutions by 2030.

ETN currently has  116 members.

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116 members
from 24 countries

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  • Vision

    Safe, secure, affordable and dispatchable carbon-neutral energy solutions by 2030, implemented globally by 2050

  • Mission

    To encourage and facilitate information exchange and cooperation to accelerate research, development, demonstration, and deployment of energy solutions in line with our vision

Gas Turbine Technology

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Energy systems are undergoing fundamental changes across the world, driven by three key trends: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. Decentralised power generation, intelligent power grids, overall system integration, unconventional fuels and, of course, renewable energy sources (RES) are at the top of the energy agenda. 

Despite the renewable boom, it is foreseen that conventional gas-fired power generation, currently the largest gas-consuming sector worldwide, will continue to play a strategic role.

The GT User community within ETN decided to implement an aggregated strategy to address gas turbine users’ issues and trigger a dedicated response from OEMs, ISPs and the R&D community. The idea is to set-up various independent user groups on selected frequently used gas turbine engines within the user community for both power generation and oil and gas sector.

The strategy is to have a single and independent voice communicating user issues and a link to the whole gas turbine value chain which will provide a wide visibility and a strong push for exploring and developing solutions.


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  • | Press release on ETN Board election 2022 results is out!ETN Board election 2022 results are out! Pedro Lopez, Chief Operating Officer, Asset Operations within Uniper has been re-elected as President of ETN Global at the Annual General Meeting on 29 March 2022 by the newly elected ETN Board of Directors.   Read the full Press release here....  Read more.

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    ETN facilitates and assists in the development and progress of project proposals that are submitted by members to the ETN platform.

    ETN R&D Recommendation Report

    ETN Hydrogen Gas Turbines Report


    Policy Briefings

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    IED Committee

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    Educational courses

    Internal Courses

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    Through the wide network of experts ETN can arrange tailor-made courses for users.

    Through the wide network of experts ETN can arrange tailor-made educational courses for the gas turbine user community.

    External Courses

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    Educational courses - external

    ETN is collecting information about the available technical courses given by the members of ETN.



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