Working Groups

ETN Working Groups connect the key stakeholders in the gas turbine community to address the issues through projects of common interest.

List of ETN topics of interest

The topics of interest listed below were submitted by the Project Board, the ETN Working Groups and other ETN initiatives. They are intended to be used as assignment or Master’s thesis topics. 

If required, ETN can provide support to identify potential collaboration with ETN Members in order to carry out studies associated to these topics.

For more details or to extend the list, please contact the ETN Office.


  • Comparison of several power plant technologies, from a lifecycle point of view
  • Literature surveys
    • Future energy scenarios based on Hydrogen;
    • Comparison of H2 storage technologies, cost included;
    • Different size of H2 power plant and their investment cost;
  • Application scenarios for H2 GT (incl. H2 supply chains – source, volume, cost)
  • Role of hydrogen-fired plant in the future system, and consequences: technical developments needed to meet these future boundary conditions



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