Ansaldo Energia

  • AE-T100


  • GT36-S5

    H class gas turbine with cannular combustion chamber.  

  • GT26

    F class gas turbine with annular combustion chamber and sequential combustion.  

  • AE 64.3A

    The high technology AE64.3A model combines F-Class efficiency with a mid-size package suitable for phased, low investment capacity expansion plans. It is also ideally suited to customers who need to combine reliable and efficient electric power generation with cogeneration and district heating.

  • AE 94.2

    The AE94.2 Gas Turbine meets customer needs in terms of performance, emissions and operational/fuel flexibility for intermediate-class gas turbines, by delivering a competitive and cost-effective package based on established technology. The AE94.2 gas turbine is a benchmark for both operational and fuel flexibility.

  • AE 94.2K

    Ansaldo Energia has been working on the use of low caloric value gas in heavy duty gas turbines since 1997. The special AE94.2K version, specifically designed for low BTU fuels (syngas, steel mill, blast furnace gases, biomass, etc.), can burn fuels with LHV in the range 8-13 MJ/kg and lower.

  • AE94.3A

    The F-class AE 94.3A gas turbine is based on well proven, reliable Ansaldo Energia technology. : Ansaldo Energia €¢ AE94.3A is a quick start gas turbine; baseload conditions can be reached in less than 30 minutes. The AE94.3A delivers high operational flexibility and longer operating life: the Load Ramp has been optmized and the Minimum Environmental Load has been reduced to 42% of the baseload, while keeping NOx and CO emissions low.



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