Mitsubishi Power

  • H25

    The H-25’s fuel savings will repay your investment within a few years while allowing you a range of fuels from distillate to natural gas. And with cogeneration or combined cycle power plants, even higher efficiency will be achieved.

  • H50

    The H-50 and H-100 gas turbine components are based on the mature H-25 technology, but with higher turbine inlet temperatures and an advanced, two-shaft design.

  • H100

    The H-100 gas turbine was originally named “H-80” and, as of April 1, 2015 has been re-named “H-100″ to better reflect its capacity class. The H-100 was introduced in January 2010, when the first unit went into commercial operation at the Shin-Oita Power Station of the Kyushu Electric Power Company, Inc. in Japan.

  • M701D

    In 1984, the 1,090MW heat recovery combined cycle power plant, which was powered by six 701D gas turbines, began commercial operation. This is the dawning of the era of the combined cycle power generation in Japan.

  • M701F

    The basic M501F is a 3,600 rpm heavy duty gas turbine introduced in 1991 to serve 60 Hz power generation needs for utility and industrial service. The scaled up M701F followed in 1992 for the 50Hz market.

  • M701G

    In February 1997, the M501G heavy-duty gas turbine with steam cooled combustors began commercial operation. The scaled up M701G2 followed in 2002 for the 50Hz market.

  • M701J

    The J-series gas turbine is able to operate at a turbine inlet temperature of 1,600 °C, 100 °C higher than the G-series gas turbine by utilizing advanced 1,700 °C class technology developed in the Japanese National Project.



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