LM2500 User Group

The overall objective and expectations of the LM2500 User Group is to develop a strong, independent and knowledgeable user community in order to increase the reliability, reduce risk and reduce operational costs of the LM2500 engine family.

This User Group covers LM2500, LM2500+, LM2500+G4, PGT25, PGT25+ and PGT25+G4.

If you are interested to join the LM2500 User Group, please contact Antonio Escamilla Perejon at aep[at]etn.global.


The following ETN Members are part of the LM2500 User Group Steering Committee:

© LM2500+G4, General Electric

The objectives of the User Group are to:

  • Provide a continuous and focused dialog between the user community, GE and ISPs in order to define and develop solutions to prioritised operational issues/requirements;
  • Identify more generic issues that can be brought to the ETN’s Project Board in order to explore potential solutions together with leading experts from the R&D community;
  • Explore opportunities to reduce issues through development of standardisation of gas turbine packages. ETN has already two ongoing successful projects in this field related to exhaust systems and air filtration.

After the meeting the Steering Committee of the LM2500 group will evaluate the proposed solutions and initiate a follow-up process with close discussions with GE, the R&D community and ISPs in order to identify the best way forward to address and overcome the issues, as well as to fulfill the user community’s future needs.

Various types of collaboration schemes could be sought depending on the type of issues, such as R&D projects, feasibility studies, as well as development of best practice guidelines or standards.

In parallel and in partnership with GTUsers.com, a private and secured discussion forum for LM2500 users has been set up.

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Antonio Escamilla Perejon

aep[at]etn.global   +32 (0)2 646 15 77

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