The new turbine is a heavy duty industrial gas turbine designed to run successfully even in demanding environments. The engine is of modular design and can be split into sub modules quickly and easily. The casing of the compressor section is horizontally split for easy access to the rotor and simple maintenance. The combustor as well as the turbine sections are designed as rings without split joints to guarantee less degradation and high efficiency. Compressor and turbine airfoils are engineered according to state of the art 3D design rules. All bearings are of sleeve type and use standard ISO 46 grade lube oil. The engine features a dry low emissions combustion system to comply with ever more stringent regulations worldwide. The high efficiency minimises the CO2 emissions as well as operating cost. Exhaust temperatures are high enough to produce large amounts of steam for process applications.

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Parameter MGT6100
Power Generation
Mechanical Drive
Power Output 6.63 MW 6.9 MW
Efficiency 32.2% 34%
Heat Rate 11,190 kJ/kWh 10,590 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio 14 14.8
Exhaust Mass Flow 26.2 kg/s 28.1 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 505 ºC 460 ÂºC
Turbine Speed 1,500/1,800 rpm 12,000 rpm


  • Single shaft
  • 11 compressor stages
  • 3 turbine stages
  • silo combustion chambers
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 67,000 kg
  • Approximate dimmensions: 13.0×2.9×4 m3



  • Twin shaft
  • 11 compressor stages
  • 2 gas generator turbine stages
  • 2 power turbine stages
  • silo combustion chambers
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight:  57,000 kg
  • Approximate dimmensions: 12.0×2.9×4 m3



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