AE 64.3A

The high technology AE64.3A model combines F-Class efficiency with a mid-size package suitable for phased, low investment capacity expansion plans. It is also ideally suited to customers who need to combine reliable and efficient electric power generation with cogeneration and district heating.

The availability of different fuels can also be accommodated, while ensuring very stable and reliable operation (both gaseous and liquid fuels can be used and fuels can be switched from gaseous to liquid fuel and vice versa). The characteristics of the AE64.3A gas turbine address all the main market drivers for mid-size power plants: low environmental impact, operating flexibility, high performance levels achieved in combined cycles and short plant delivery times.

Courtesy from Ansaldo Energia ©
Parameter Value
Gross Output 80 MW
Heat Rate 9890 kJ/kWh
Gross Efficiency 36.4 %
Shaft Speed 5400 rpm
Pressure Ratio 18.3
Exhaust Mass Flow 215 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 580 °C
NOx Emissions 50 ppmv
  • Single shaft engine
  • 15 compressor stages
  • 1 gas generator turbine stage
  • 4 power turbine stage
  • annular combustor geometry
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 60,610 kg (aux. incl.)
  • Approximate dimensions: 5.9×3.1×3.0 m3



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