This single-shaft turbine is a compact, heavy-duty prime mover designed for long life and ease of operation and maintenance. The three main features of its simple design are a 17-stage, axial compressor; combustion system with 10 chambers capable of burning a wide range of fuels (DLN also available); and a two-stage turbine with high-energy stage design (the first-stage nozzles are cooled by the axial compressor discharge air).

The MS5001 is the ideal solution for power generation where low maintenance, reliability and fuel economy are required. Low operating and investment costs make the MS5001 packaged power plant an economically attractive system for load generation. The turbine is also ideally suited for cogeneration, achieving a very high fuel utilization index and considerable fuel savings. Typical applications include industrial plants for cogeneration of power and process steam or district heating systems.

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Parameter Value
Power Output  26.830 MW
Efficiency 28.4%
Heat Rate 12.687 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio 10.5
Exhaust Mass Flow 125.2 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 483 °C
Turbine Speed 5,094 rpm
  • Single Shaft engine
  • 17 compressor stages
  • DLN combustion chamber
  • 10 cannular combustion chambers
  • 2 turbine stages
  • Approximate weight:
    • 87,430 kg
  • Approximate dimensions:
    • 11.6×3.2×3.7m3




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