European Turbine Network (ETN) brings together the entire value chain of the stationary gas turbine technology community in Europe and beyond.


    European Turbine Network (ETN) brings together the entire value chain of the stationary gas turbine technology community in Europe and beyond.


ETN is a non-profit membership association, bringing together the entire value chain of turbomachinery technology worldwide.

ETN addresses the main challenges and concerns of gas turbine (GT) users in committees and individual projects, composed of experts across the entire value chain: power generation and oil & gas companies, OEMs, universities, R&D institutes, suppliers, service providers and technology consultancies.

ETN believes a common strategy and research effort between all stakeholders, along with supportive energy and research policies, will enable growth and increased competitiveness of the gas turbine sector globally.

Who we are

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  • Vision

    Safe, secure and affordable carbon-neutral turbomachinery-based energy solutions by 2030, implemented widely and globally by 2050

  • Mission

    To encourage and facilitate information exchange and cooperation to accelerate research, development, demonstration, and deployment of energy solutions in line with our vision

  • Objectives

    ETN’s main objectives are to:
    - strengthen the gas turbine industry and users’ market in Europe in its entirety, by providing a powerful network with the ability to initiate projects that can achieve tangible advances in gas turbine technology;
    - act as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experiences to avoid R&D duplication and to reduce risk, cost and time in technology development;
    - provide operational technical input to the EU institutions in terms of gas turbine environmental responsibility, technology watch and R&D needs.


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Please use the interactive organisation chart to find out more about ETN.

  • ETN is headed by the ETN Board, which determines the strategy and decides the way forward for the organisation.
  • The ETN Project Board facilitates and assists in the development and progress of initiatives and project proposals that are submitted by members to the ETN platform.
  • The ETN Office, which is situated in Brussels, Belgium, acts as a secretariat for the organisation.
  • The ETN Office also supports ETN’s  Working Groups and Technical Committees.

ETN Articles of Association (AoA) can be downloaded here. ETN Internal Rules are available via this link.



About Gas Turbines

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Energy systems are undergoing fundamental changes across the world, driven by three key trends: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. Decentralised power generation, intelligent power grids, overall system integration, unconventional fuels and, of course, renewable energy sources (RES) are at the top of the energy agenda. 

Despite the renewable boom, it is foreseen that conventional gas-fired power generation, currently the largest gas-consuming sector worldwide, will continue to play a strategic role.

Gas turbine products

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This section is dedicated to our gas turbine manufacturer members. In it, their gas turbine products are described and detailed with their latest information.

From 1.8 to 510 MW, covering radial and axial turbines, can, silo, annular and cannular combustion chambers for both power generation and mechanical drive, this section reports on all gas turbine products from main Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).



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