The F-class AE 94.3A gas turbine is based on well proven, reliable Ansaldo Energia technology. : Ansaldo Energia €¢  AE94.3A is a quick start gas turbine; baseload conditions can be reached in less than 30 minutes. The AE94.3A delivers high operational flexibility and longer operating life: the Load Ramp has been optmized and the Minimum Environmental Load has been reduced to 42% of the baseload, while keeping NOx and CO emissions low.

The AE94.3A gas turbine operates in fuel gas premix model across the entire load range, greatly simplifying the management of load rejection and transient modes in general, as well as improving the ability to provide grid support from any load.

Addressing a growing need for fuel flexibility, the gas turbine can be fired with different fuels: both natural gas and liquid fuel oils can be used. The fuel switch from gaseous to liquid, and vice versa, can be performed very reliably in the mid-to-high load range. A specifically redesigned onboard fuel distribution system with flexible hoses ensures operational and layout optimization, reduces erection and commissioning times and improves maintainability


Courtesy from Ansaldo Energia ©
Parameter Value
Gross Output 340 MW
Heat Rate 8,933 kJ/kWh
Gross Efficiency 40.3 %
Shaft Speed 3000 rpm
Pressure Ratio 19,5
Exhaust Mass Flow 750 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 593 °C
NOx Emissions 50 ppmv
  • Single shaft engine
  • 15 compressor stages
  • 1 gas generator turbine stage
  • 4 power turbine stage
  • Annular combustor geometry
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 316,550 kg (aux. incl.)
  • Approximate dimensions: 10.8×5.0×4.9 m3



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