Mapna Group

  • MGT-70

    The MGT-70 heavy-duty gas turbine is a well-proven and reliable workhorse of the power generation industry with a remarkably large fleet of installed and running units in Iran and around the world. Over the years, the MGT-70 has undergone several major engineering and technological upgrades on different sections to enhance its performance, reliability and energy […]

  • MGT-30

    The MGT-30 gas turbine meets a broad range of clients’ requirements for economic installation and operation of an outstanding gas turbine as prime mover for compressors, pumps, blowers, etc., in industrial applications (MGT-30MD) or as stationary or mobile standalone power generation sets. The proven performance and highly flexible operation of MGT-30 makes it a gas […]

  • MGT-40

    The MGT-40 gas turbine is an exclusively designed gas turbine for a robust and reliable performance in a variety of applications ranging from simple and combined cycle power generation to mechanical drive applications where reliability and availability are of vital importance. Advanced combustion system with water injection for NOx abatement to meet stringent environmental emissions […]

  • MGT-80

    The MGT-80 heavy-duty gas turbine offers outstandingly high power output and exceptional levels of efficiency in both simple and combined cycle applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, the MGT-80 provides distinctive operational features such as fast start-up capability, enhanced operability and fuel flexibility while being an environmentally friendly product with minimized NOx and CO emissions. The smooth, […]



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