Please use the interactive organisation chart to find out more about ETN.

  • ETN is headed by the ETN Board, which determines the strategy and decides the way forward for the organisation.
  • The ETN Project Board facilitates and assists in the development and progress of initiatives and project proposals that are submitted by members to the ETN platform.
  • The ETN Office, which is situated in Brussels, Belgium, acts as a secretariat for the organisation.
  • The ETN Office also supports the five ETN Technical Committees (TCs):
  1. TC1 : Low Carbon GT Operations
  2. TC2: Operational and Fuel Flexibility
  3. TC3: Material Degradation, Repair Technologies & Manufacturing
  4. TC4: Condition Monitoring & Instrumentation
  5. TC5: Asset Management

These Committees cover the most crucial areas of future gas turbine technology development. They serve as forums where the ETN members meet to share experiences and discuss ideas and initiatives, which can later be developed into initiatives and projects.

ETN Articles of Association (AoA) can be downloaded here. ETN Internal Rules are available via this link.



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