Big deal for small power gen

Already proven in applications around the world, the GE5 gas turbine has evolved into the new NovaLT building on the latest design advances from our highly successful NovaLT development program. NovaLT5 is a compact solution for a wide range of power generation, mechanical drive, and industrial applications. It is available in single-shaft and double-shaft configurations, both with high efficiency, extended MTBM and significantly lower operating and maintenance costs.

Compact & Efficient

GE’s NovaLT5 gas turbine is a welcome new alternative for a wide range of small power generation and mechanical-drive applications. Both the single-shaft and double-shaft configurations are compactly designed, making them ideal for operations with challenging footprint and height restrictions. The high exhaust temperature of the NovaLT5-1 is particularly advantageous for Heat Recovery System (HRS) operations.

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Parameter NovaLT5-1 NovaLT5-2
Power Output 5.6 MW 5.6 MW
Efficiency 30.7% 31.5%
Heat Rate 11,740 kJ/kWh 11,429 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio 14.8 14.6
Exhaust Mass Flow 19.6 kg/s 20 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 574 ºC 556 ÂºC
Turbine Speed 16630 rpm 16630 rpm HPT, 12500 rpm LPT
  • Single shaft NovaLT5-1
    • 11 compressor stages
    • DLN combustion chamber
    • Single anular ring of 18 burners
    • 2 turbine stages
    • Approximate weight (total skid including generator): 58,000 kg
    • Approximate dimensions (total skid including generator): 11×2.5x8m3


  • Twin Shaft NovaLT5-2
    • 11 compressor stages
    • DLN combustion chamber
    • Single anular ring of 18 burners
    • 1 HP turbine and 2 LP turbine stages
    • Approximate weight (total skid excluding driven): 25,000 kg
    • Approximate dimensions (total skid excluding driven): 7.7×2.5x8m3




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