Research & Innovation

The ETN Technology Roadmap wheel and Projects and Initiatives wheel emphasise the primary focus on various technologies outlined by the ETN Project Board, prioritising them to ensure alignment with the ETN Vision: Safe, secure, affordable, and dispatchable carbon-neutral energy solutions. 

Each of these topics are strategically addressed by the existing ETN Working Groups, User Groups and Industrial- as well as EC-funded Projects. 


ETN Technology Roadmap Wheel

ETN Projects and Initiatives Wheel

R&D Reports

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Drawing upon the expertise of ETN members and crafting R&D reports enables us to remain at the forefront of gas turbine technology and lead the way forward.

Projects & Proposals

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ETN Global actively engages in Research & Development projects, whether privately or publicly funded.

ETN Global supports the formation of consortia, proposal writing, and participation in areas of interest. We assist ETN Global members in finding the right partners and provide our expertise through our well-established communication and dissemination channels.

Working Groups

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In the dynamic realm of tech, innovation thrives in collaboration. Imagine a powerhouse of experts, minds ablaze with creativity, uniting to tackle the toughest tech puzzles. That’s the magic of ETN Working Groups – where ideas collide, sparks fly, and breakthroughs are born. Join us in shaping the future, one innovation at a time!

EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan

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In the quest for a sustainable energy future, the European Union and its member states are forging a powerful alliance. Enter the Energy Union, built on five pillars of progress:

  • A thriving energy market,
  • fortified supply security,
  • heightened efficiency,
  • renewable energy integration, and
  • a beacon of research and innovation.

At the forefront of this revolution stands the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan, a visionary initiative by the European Commission. Fueling this mission is the relentless dedication of ETN, actively shaping the blueprint for tomorrow’s energy landscape. Dive into the latest breakthroughs and strides made by ETN and the SET-Plan stakeholders, charting the course toward a brighter, greener future for all.



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