R&D Reports

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The ETN Hydrogen Gas Turbines report has been issued by ETN, as part of the activities of our Hydrogen Working Group. The report was directed by Peter Kutne (DLR) with the support of the ETN secretariat.

This report has been prepared by the ETN Project Board, which provides an independent support to new initiatives or issues brought to the ETN platform. The report includes recommendations on key research topics of gas turbine development based on the current market outlook and the users’ requirements.


The Micro Gas Turbine Technology Summary has been produced by ETN’s Micro Gas Turbine Working Group composed of MGT OEMs, heat exchanger manufacturers and R&D institutes. This document aims to identify a number of key areas that require substantial R&D efforts for micro gas turbines from the European community to become competitive in the energy sector worldwide.

Projects & Proposals

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Project Process
ETN facilitates and assists in the development and progress of project proposals that are submitted by members to the ETN platform.

Each ETN member can submit a project initiative to the Project Board and to the Technical Committee(s). They will advise on how to improve and maximise the potential of the initiative and assist in developing it into a project proposal.

EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan

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European Union and its member states aim at building an Energy Union, based on 5 pillars: energy market, security of supply, energy efficiency, greater inclusion of renewables and research & innovation. This last pillar is implemented partly thanks to the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan launched by the European Commission. ETN has been very actively contributed to its design and development.

You can find here the most recent updates and developments achieved by ETN and/or within the stakeholders of the SET-Plan.

Best Practice Award

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One of the benefits provided by a network like ETN is the opportunity for members to improve their expertise through interaction with other peers. By sharing practices that have proven to be applicable and by comparing those to the activities of other peers often allow both sides to distinguish potential for improvement. In order to facilitate and moderate this learning process, ETN decided to set up the Best Practice Award, open to both ETN and non-ETN members operating or supporting gas turbine operations.




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