EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan

European Union and its member states aim at building an Energy Union, based on 5 pillars: energy market, security of supply, energy efficiency, greater inclusion of renewables and research & innovation. This last pillar is implemented partly thanks to the Strategic Energy Technology Plan launched by the European Commission. ETN has been very actively committed in its design and development.

Representatives of ETN have been contributing to several of the actions carried out within this framework. This webpage will provide you with the most recent updates and developments achieved by ETN and/or within the stakeholders of this SET-Plan. More information on the SET-Plan itself can be found here.

July  2017

Draft ETIP-SNET Implementation Plan 2017-2020 is accessible here.


June 2017

On 30 May 2017 took place in Brussels the European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP-SNET) governing board meeting in Brussels. ETN was represented in the meeting by Sigrid Gijbels (ENGiE). During the meeting, it was presented the draft Implementation Plan under development at the Working Group levels, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2017. The Implementation Plan identifies the research activities needed to achieve the EU targets based on the following topics:

  • Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid system
  • Storage technologies and sector interfaces
  • Flexible generation
  • Digitisation of the electricity system and customer participation
  • Innovation implementation in the business environment

Additional information about the platform and on-going activities may be found here.


April 2017

The European Technology and Innovation Platform “Smart network for energy transition” (ETIP-SNET) has installed 5 working groups aiming at defining the contribution of different technologies to the future European energy system. In the last issue of its Quarterly Newsletter, ETN had circulated a call for experts to take part to those groups. Several experts from the ETN community are now part of the Working Group dedicated to Flexible generation (the comprehensive full list is available on This working group will define an implementation plan for flexible generation and set a basis for research activities needed for the future energy systems.


February 2017

Three experts with a direct involvement in ETN have been nominated in the Flexible Generation Working Group of the European Technology and Innovation Platform “Smart Network for Energy Transition” (ETIP-S

NET): Iarno Brunetti (ENEL), Peter Breuhaus (IRIS) and Peter Jansohn (PSI). Minutes of Meeting ETIP-SNET Governing Board meeting 30 May 2017


January 2017

As it has been regularly reported in our news summaries, ETN is actively involved in the development of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), the Research and Innovation aspect of the Energy Union. To provide input to the Action 4 “Increase the resilience, security and smartness of the energy system”, the European Technology and Innovation Platform “Smart Network for Energy Transition” (ETIP-SNET) has been installed and ETN is one of its members. The ETIP has released this month its Final 10-year roadmap for the 2017-26 period. ETN has been especially committed in the Tasks T22 “Flexible thermal power generation” and D14 “Integration of the flexible decentralised thermal power generation”. The input of ETN has also been useful for the chapter dedicated to “Integration of flexible power generation”. The full roadmap can be downloaded here. If you have any question, please contact Ugo Simeoni:

June 2017

On 26 June 2017 took place the SET-Plan Action 5 – Temporary Working Group (TWG) meeting in Brussels.

The objective of the TWG is to define an Implementation Plan for research activities needed to increase the energy efficiency in buildings. ETN has collected inputs from the members regarding micro-CHP/CCHP technologies under development and presented potential research activities that could be done both at National and International level.

Declaration of Intent SET-Plan Action 5.2: New materials and technologies for buildings

July 2018

Cooperation workshop of the SET Plan Action 6 on “Continuing efforts to make EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive” was held on 27-28 June 2018  in Brussels, Belgium. The summary report of the event is available here.


June 2017

In the past months ETN has contributed to the development of the Implementation Plan defining research activities to increase the energy efficiency in the industry. The Member States representatives have proposed to set up ad-hoc workshops in the following months to discuss with stakeholders potential cooperation activities. The next meeting of the TWG is scheduled to take place on 7 July 2017.

Draft Implementation Plan SET-PLan Action 6: Energy efficiency for industry


April 2017

The European Commission has shortlisted 12 topics related to energy efficiency in the industry that are now being evaluated by the member-states. Cross-cutting technology solutions have garnered a strong interest among the stakeholders for its ability to be applied in different sectors. ETN has previously submitted comments to the Issue paper together with EUTurbines and Cogen. National funds may be allocated on the basis of this list of topics, once fully assessed.

June 2017

On 1 June 2017 took place the SET-Plan Action 9 – Temporary Working Group (TWG) meeting in The Hague, Netherlands. The TWG is an ad-hoc working group constituted by EU Member States representatives, stakeholders and EC officials working together to define an Implementation Plan according to the targets set in the Declaration of Intent agreed among the EU Member States.

Draft Implementation Plan SET-Plan Action 9: Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage


April 2017

A working group, gathering member-states is currently drafting an implementation plan. This plan shall list research activities based on the targets in the Action 9 Declaration of intent, which was published after the comments submitted by the different stakeholders on the initial Issue paper (including ETN).



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