Membership benefits

ETN membership provides member organisations access to a high level network of turbomachinery professionals where gas turbine issues can be addressed and new ideas and initiatives proposed. ETN, with its Working Groups and projects and high number of experts across the whole value chain, provides an excellent and powerful platform to guide and enforce technical development in order to reduce operational cost and risk and increase gas turbine reliability and availability.

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  • Be Informed

    Energy and market information:
    ETN keeps its members up-to-date on the latest research, energy and climate change policy developments that have an impact on the gas turbine market and provides information on funding opportunities for R&D developments under various programmes. ETN has been acknowledged by the EU institutions and international organisations as a valuable source of information and provides, on regular basis, coordinated technical input to various departments.

    - Have an impact on the energy and research policy
    - Receive updates on policies covering the latest legislation related to the gas turbine industry
    - Access to a wide range of policy briefing reports
    - Access to valuable information on the latest market developments

  • Be Involved

    Working Groups and Technical Committees:
    ETN's Working Groups and Technical Committees define priority research fields and set up research projects where ETN members are invited to participate and contribute.

    - Exchange knowledge and best practices in priority technical areas
    - Receive up-to-date information on the users’ needs and requirements
    - Explore ideas and discuss any turbomachinery related issues with experts in the field
    - Receive key information from the R&D community, such as studies, reports and project results
    - Technology watch in key areas
    - Contribute to ETN’s R&D Recommendation Report

  • Be Innovative

    Project development and cooperation:
    ETN is a project-focused and result-oriented association, with many ongoing projects and initiatives. ETN ensures a proper evaluation of all initiatives that are brought to the ETN platform.

    - Access to the services provided by the ETN Project Board such as technical and strategic advice, guidance in funding opportunities and recommendation on key R&D fields
    - Opportunity to initiate and participate in various international and cross-functional collaboration schemes, such as studies, R&D projects, best practice guidelines, development of standards
    - Receive administrative support to set up and launch projects
    - Access to ETN's services and expertise in project management and coordination

  • Be Visible

    International visibility:
    ETN has developed a close cooperation with international organisations and has a significant visibility towards the EU institutions, the global gas turbine industry and the R&D community.

    - Access to valuable international information from key markets
    - International visibility through ETN's website, global newsletters, conferences and courses
    - Opportunities to host ETN meetings and organise site visits to your facilities
    - Various dissemination opportunities (project and demon‚­stration results, technical research achievements and new developments)

  • Be Connected

    ETN organises exclusive events and identifies and participates in key turbomachinery events globally.

    - Extensive networking opportunities with members in different area of expertise at a European and international level
    - Access to ETN's world-wide gas turbine community and global users network
    - Exclusive invitation to ETN meetings and workshops
    - Tailor-made gas turbine courses
    - Reduced fee at the biennial International Gas Turbine Conference and at recognised global gas turbine conferences, including ASME Turbo Expo and PowerGen

Become an ETN member

1. Download the ETN brochure for more information

2. Verify your eligibility

ETN offers two different types of membership:

Member (profit)
Membership is open to all companies and organisations from the following categories: users of gas turbines, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and service providers, and consultancies.

Reduced fee (non-profit)
Membership is open to non-profit organisations from the folloeing categories: research institutes and universities.

3. Complete the membership application form

4. Send it back to the ETN office

For more information, please contact the ETN office by email at
or phone +32 (0)2 646 15 77



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