CEN SFGAS Working Group on Gas Quality

The Working Group Pre-normative study of H-gas quality parameter under the CEN Sector Forum on Gas Infrastructure and Utilisation (CEN SFGas GQS WG) was instituted in May 2016 with the support of European Commission’s DG Energy. This WG has the task to study and evaluate possible WI ranges for distributed H-gas in view of the future revision of EN 16726:2015. The CEN activity involves all stakeholders (TSOs, manufacturers, industrial, automotive, etc.), and therefore the requirements for the gas turbine are a subset to take into account. The project is due to conclude early 2020.

The SFGas WG on Gas Quality has the following sub-groups:

  • Chair Advisory Group (CAG)
  • Task Force 1 ‘Wobbe Index’ (TF1)
  • Task Force 2 ‘National/Sectorial Situations’ (TF2)
  • Ad-hoc Group ‘Units and Definitions’ (AhG)

Uniper attends the CEN Working Group meetings on behalf of ETN (WG, TF1 and CAG), and ETN then acts as a platform to circulate information to involved members and get views from the company experts. Uniper also offers assistance in interpretation if appropriate.

All ETN members have the opportunity to get involved. For more details, please contact Adrien Allard (aa[at]etn.global).

A summary of previous meetings can be found below (login required)

Call for experts for Joint Task Force

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Summary of previous meetings (ETN Members)

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Involved Users section - Documentation

ETN is directly informed of activities and shares information to each nominated contact person from involved Members. Summary of meetings and working documents are circulated to that contact person as well.

Input from ETN is needed as gas quality variations will impact the existing gas turbine users.

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