From desert climates to the tropics, to the arctic cold, the rugged 9E.03 heavy duty gas turbine provides essential power and performs in a vast number of duty cycles and applications. It is one of the most fuel-flexible products in the industry, capability of using more than 52 types of fuel almost the entire fuel spectrum. The 9E.04 heavy duty gas turbine provides increased power and performance while maintaining the simplicity and operational strengths of the 9E.03 gas turbine. The result is a platform that delivers high availability, reliability, and durability while lowering the overall cost per kilowatt.

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Parameter 9E.03 9E.04
Power Output 132 MW 143  MW
Efficiency 34.6% 36.9%
Heat Rate 10,403 kJ/kWh 9,759 kJ/kWh
Pressure Ratio N/A N/A
Exhaust Mass Flow N/A N/A
Exhaust Temperature N/A N/A
Turbine Speed N/A N/A



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