AE 94.2

The AE94.2 Gas Turbine meets customer needs in terms of performance, emissions and operational/fuel flexibility for intermediate-class gas turbines, by delivering a competitive and cost-effective package based on established technology. The AE94.2 gas turbine is a benchmark for both operational and fuel flexibility. The ability to adapt rapidly to provide the requested grid power is becoming more and more important:

– start up and loading time: full speed no load reached in less than 5 minutes and baseload conditions about 15 minutes later. Fast loading gradient procedures can reduce this time to about 6 minutes

– best dynamic performance during grid support: 40 MW in few seconds is a well proven result on several units.


Courtesy from Ansaldo Energia ©
Parameter Value
Gross Output 190 MW
Heat Rate 9,917 kJ/kWh
Gross Efficiency 36.3 %
Shaft Speed 3000 rpm
Pressure Ratio 12
Exhaust Mass Flow 555 kg/s
Exhaust Temperature 550 °C
NOx Emissions 50 ppmv
  • Single shaft engine
  • 16 compressor stages
  • 1 gas generator turbine stage
  • 4 power turbine stage
  • Vertical Silo combustor geometry
  • DLE combustion system
  • Approximate weight: 237,000 kg (aux. incl.)
  • Approximate dimensions: 10.0×4.0×3.7 m3



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