Hydrogen WG

ETN Hydrogen Working Group

The objective of ETN’s Hydrogen Working Group is to enable and optimise the use of hydrogen in gas turbines by:

  • Highlighting potential use, applications and benefits
  • Pave the way for funding opportunities by highlighting the research needs on gas turbines to burn hydrogen, in order to contribute to the deployment of those gases in future energy systems
  • Address operational issues/effects on gas turbines components related to the use of hydrogen
  • Explore market opportunities and retrofit solutions for existing and future gas turbines fleets operating with renewable gases (containing hydrogen)
  • Assess and address operational safety aspects of hydrogen in gas turbines plants (and pipelines)
  • To foster the use of hydrogen and hydrogen carriers (such as ammonia) as complementary energy vectors to decarbonise the energy systems

ETN Hydrogen Report

ETN’s Hydrogen Working Group published a new report ETN Hydrogen Gas Turbines – “The path towards a zero-carbon gas turbine” 



Ugo Simeoni, ETN
Valentin Moëns, ETN


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