ETN’s 11th International Gas Turbine Conference (IGTC)

About IGTC

11th International Gas Turbine Conference (IGTC), titled “Dispatchable Technology & Innovations for a Carbon-Neutral Society”, hosted by ETN Global took place on 10-11 October 2023 at Tangla hotel Brussels, Belgium. This prestigious event gathered industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators. Together they explored net-zero power and heat pathways, engaged in panel sessions, and discovered sustainable solutions for the energy trilemma. The event also allowed the possibility to connect with policymakers, witness the latest research, and be part of a collective effort to shape a cleaner, brighter future.

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Tangla hotel, Avenue E. Mounier 5, Brussels 1200, Belgium.


Please download the FINAL programme here.

IGTC-23 Conference Advisory Board

4th European Micro Gas Turbine Symposium

After the Closing remarks, the venue was used for 4th European Micro Gas Turbine Symposium, co-organised by ETN Global. This was the fourth event in the series initiated by the European Micro Gas Turbine Forum (EMGTF), which was launched to foster the commercial deployment of micro gas turbines by setting the scenario where all the stakeholders have a platform to share knowledge and experience, collaborate and discuss the roadmap to move the technology forward.

This symposium included keynote speeches from industry experts, panel discussions and presentations of the latest findings from four years of research within the European Commission funded project, NextMGT.

Please find more information in the following EMGTF flyer.


Please find the full schedule here.


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IGTC-23: Collection of Abstracts, ETN R&D 2023 Report


Please click here to download the ABSTRACTS of all IGTC-23 technical papers.


Please click here to download the ETN 2023 R&D recommendation report.



Brussels, Belgium



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