GT enclosure standard for hydrogen fuel case – discussion with ETN members

At the ETN Workshop TC4 session Condition monitoring and asset management – Implications of introducing 5% to 30% hydrogen into the grid, it was highlighted in a presentation and discussion that there is no standard with respect to hydrogen and enclosures.  One of the topics to be addressed could be the % by volume of a combustible gas which can be contained by the enclosure and which should be detected by the detectors and carried by the ventilation. It was proposed to set up a meeting to discuss interest and possibilities for producing an ETN standard for this, as this will be helpful to OEMs for new builds and end-users looking to transition to hydrogen or hydrogen blended fuel. All presentations from our Workshop TC4 session are available on our AGM & Workshop webpage.

Our first teleconference meeting to discuss this topic will be held on 21 May 2021 (15:00-15:45 Central European Summer Time). This call is open to all ETN members and will not require registration in advance. Please see the call link below (login required).

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