ETN Team

The ETN office is situated in Brussels, Belgium, and acts as a secretariat for the organisation, carrying out the day to day running of the association. The role of the ETN office is to implement the strategy set by the Board, facilitate and coordinate the activities of the members, and disseminate the deliverables and results of their initiatives and projects. The ETN office also monitors and influences EU energy and research policy, as well as research and technology development programmes.

Christer Björkqvist is the Managing Director and co-founder of ETN. Mr. Björkqvist has during the last 19 years been working closely with the European Institutions and has gained a wide experience in the gas turbine field, project management, coordination and communication. He has been involved and coordinated several EU- and industry-funded projects, including the H2-IGCC project, which focused on Low Emission Gas Turbine Technology for Hydrogen-rich Syngas.

The ETN Office

  • Christer Björkqvist

    Managing Director

  • Rene Vijgen

    Senior Technical Manager

  • Viktorija Charbagi

    Communications Manager

  • Jayne Koki

    Financial and Administrative Officer

  • Jitka Spolcova

    Project Officer

  • Nicolò Cairo

    Project Officer

  • Antonio Escamilla Perejon

    Client Relationship Manager

  • Giuseppe Tilocca

    Scientific Officer

  • Andre Mom

    External Consultant



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