ETN Project Board

The ETN Project Board is responsible for identifying promising technology solutions, new initiatives and projects, based on the user community’s needs and policy requirements, as well as ensuring the progress of the ongoing ETN Working Groups, projects and other activities.

Members of the ETN Project Board

  • Peter Breuhaus, NORCE (Chair)

    Fundamentals of aero and thermodynamics
    Gas Turbine technology and design
    Power plant monitoring and diagnostic systems
    Power systems and systems integration
    Process technologies

  • Peter Jansohn, Paul Scherrer Institute (Co-chair)

    Fundamentals of Combustion
    Gas Turbine Cycles; Process Technologies
    Integrated Power Generation Systems
    Environmental systems (for exhaust gas clean-up and emission reduction)

  • Dominique Orhon, Total

    Turbomachinery design, integration in process, operation and troubleshooting
    Gas turbine qualification as new product for Company
    Oil and gas plant design, construction, commissioning and operation

  • Olaf Bernstrauch, Siemens Energy

    Turbomachinery package development (GT, ST, Gen, Aux)
    Storage technologies and plant integration
    Hybrid plants
    (Waste) Heat recovery (sCO2, ORC, HTHP, …)
    Co-Generation CHP

  • Peter Kutne, DLR

    Gas turbine combustion
    Optical and laser based diagnostics
    Micro gas turbines
    Decentralised combined heat and power
    Innovative gas turbine cycles
    Utilisation of biomass based and renewable fuels

  • Chris Dagnall, DNV

    Gas Turbine performance and emissions
    Compressor performance
    Condition monitoring and vibration

  • Olaf Brekke, Equinor

    Gas Turbines and auxiliary systems
    Gas Turbine performance, operation and condition monitoring
    Turbomachinery in the Oil & Gas industry

  • Siavash Pahlavanyali, Rina

    Gas turbine integrity and reliability
    Life assessment and extension
    Root cause analysis
    Superalloys and coatings
    Thermo-economic study of gas turbines

  • David Sánchez, University of Seville

    Power plant Engineering, with a focus on steam and gas turbines and on advanced cycles for Concentrated Solar Power and Waste Heat Recovery (Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Cycles, Organic Rankine Cycles)
    Micro Gas Turbines
    Techno-Economic Assessment of power systems
    Water & Energy Nexus

  • Matteo Cantu, Enel

    Ancillary services and power systems regulation
    Modelling of power system
    Thermal Power Plants key components diagnostics systems for operational efficiency, anomaly detection and early fault detection
    Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

  • Enrico Bianchi, Ansaldo Energia

    CHP package
    Renewable energy
    Heat recovery
    Power electronics

  • Tom Kavanagh, Uniper

    Generation Technologies R&D
    Asset Risk Management
    Electrical Engineering
    Power Plant Operations and Maintenance

  • Brett Rosenthal, Oerlikon AM

    Subtractive (e.g. milling, grinding, polishing etc)
    Coating (e.g. PVD, CVD, Thermal Spray, Anodizing, Plating, etc)
    Metrology (e.g. CMM, confocal microscopy, etc)




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