The ETN Project Board

ETN has a Project Board which provides a consultative forum and independent support to new initiatives or issues that are brought to the ETN platform. Its role is to maximise the potential of initiatives and to provide technical & strategic advice and support in the project development process. The role of the Project Board is not to block a proposal, but rather to help present it clearly and positively to the ETN platform, where the Project proposal will be evaluated through the display of interest among the members.

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The current members of the Project Board are

  • Peter Jansohn, Paul Scherrer Institute

    Fundamentals of Combustion
    Gas Turbines
    Power Generation Systems
    Environmental systems; exhaust gas clean-up and emission reduction
    Process Technologies

  • Abdulnaser Sayma, City University London

    Computational Fluid Dynamics code development
    Compressor and Turbine Aerodynamics
    Micro-gas turbines, analysis, design and testing
    Waste heat recovery using organic Rankine cycle

  • Peter Breuhaus, International Research Institute Stavanger

    Fundamentals of aero and thermodynamics
    Gas Turbine technology and design
    Power plant monitoring and diagnostic systems
    Power systems and systems integration
    Process technologies

  • Dominique Orhon, Total

    Turbomachinery design, integration in process, operation and trouble shooting (including gas turbine)
    Gas turbine qualification as new product for Company
    Oil and gas plant design, construction, commissioning and operation.

  • John Oakey, Cranfield University

    Materials and coatings for boilers and gas turbine systems
    Fossil fuel and biomass/waste combustion and gasification systems
    Corrosion, deposition, component life modelling and life extension
    CO2 capture and transport technologies and materials
    Advanced power technologies - oxy-combustion, chemical looping and hot gas cleaning

  • Mark George, Cullum Detuners

    Turbomachinery design
    Emissions Reduction Technology
    Gas Turbine Filtration
    Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
    Noise Control and Noise Management
    Gas Turbine Safety

  • Nicola Rossi, Enel

    Power Generation
    Heat transfer
    Emission control
    Monitoring systems and predictive diagnostics



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