ETN publishes Rotor Lifetime Assessments: a Reference Report

ETN is thrilled to announce the release of “Rotor lifetime assessment: a reference report”, which was published just in time for ETN’s 20th Annual General Meeting and Workshop. As part of the activities undertaken by ETN’s Gas Turbines Life Assessment and Extension Working Group, the report was directed by Siavash Pahlavanyali from RINA with support from ETN Office.

This paper presents a comprehensive overview of gas turbine rotor lifetime assessment and the potential for extending their service life, driven by the need highlighted by ETN gas turbine users. The end-of-life determination for these assets considers factors such as dimensions, load, material response, and operation. While established practices exist within the industry for components like compressor and hot section blades, rotor exchange programs remain less developed, particularly in land-based engines, leading to prolonged overhaul periods and reduced availability.

The paper concludes with an actionable plan to refine procedures and address current practice gaps, aiming to advance the field of gas turbine rotor longevity.

You can access the report from ETN’s website here.













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