sCO2 on the horizon in the EU-Modern Power Systems Jan-Feb 2024

ETN’s groundbreaking Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) webinar series has been featured in Modern Power Systems magazine’s Jan-Feb 2024 edition. James Varley, the Group Managing Editor, dives deep into the future of carbon dioxide as the working fluid in the article section titled “Carbon dioxide: working fluid of the future?”

Titled “sCO2 on the horizon in the EU,” the article sheds light on ETN’s webinars covering cutting-edge R&D happenings in Europe, with a spotlight on supercritical CO2 technology. Supported by EU funding from the Horizon research and innovation programme, these initiatives mark a pivotal moment in advancing energy and turbomachinery solutions.

With nine leading European sCO2 research & development projects outlined and promising prospects for higher thermal efficiencies, reduced costs, lower emissions, and more compact components, the future is brighter than ever for sCO2 power cycles.

Highlighted projects include:

Please download the full article below.

Download sCO2 on the horizon in the EU-Modern Power Systems Jan-Feb 2024:



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