White Rose CCS Project To Receive Funding Under The European NER300 Funding

The European Commission announced that the UK based White Rose CCS Project will be awarded up to €300 million in funding as part of the second round of NER300 programme. Capture Power, the developer of the project, is a joint venture set up by Alstom, Drax and BOC to develop White Rose in close co-operation with National Grid, who will provide the CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure.

Located on land adjacent to the existing Drax Power Station, near Selby in North Yorkshire, the 426MW new build power plant will burn coal with the potential to co-fire sustainable biomass and meet the equivalent power needs of over 630,000 homes. Fully equipped with CCS technology from the outset, 90% of all the CO2 produced by the plant will be captured and transported by pipeline for permanent off-shore storage deep beneath the North Sea seabed. For more information, please click here.



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