UK Government Calls For Focus On Reducing CO2 Emissions

UK Energy Secretary Edward Davey has said Europe should focus on cutting carbon emissions rather than on repeating existing renewables targets.

Speaking at a global energy and environment summit, Davey said his preference is for the EU to adopt “outcome targets,” such as a new goal on reducing carbon emissions, rather than setting further targets for increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix.

Davey expressed support for the current target to increase the share of renewables in the energy mix to 20% by 2020. However, he said further thought would be needed before any additional renewables targets were set beyond 2020. Along with France, the UK has expressed concern that a new renewables target could be unfair on other forms of low carbon power.

The UK currently has a national target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 34% by 2020 from 1990 levels, greater than the EU-wide goal of a 20% reduction, and Davey described the UK as one of Europe’s ambitious nations when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.

The UK government last month re-launched a £1 billion carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology funding competition and has recently expressed support for the future exploration of shale gas.

For more information on the UK government’s views, please click here.



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