Hexavalent chromium health risk

Various safety bulletins have recently been issued by the OEMs and ser­vice providers relating to the health risks and precautions associated with hexavalent chromium (a yellowish residue found on some components in the gas turbine flow path, including the combustion system, hot gas path and exhaust diffuser). This seems to be a generic risk and potentially ap­plicable to all gas turbines. As a first step we would like to raise the aware­ness of this issue. If you are exposed to service-run components, please seek guidance on the precautions to take. If you require any further infor­mation, please contact the ETN office (vm[at]etn.global) and we will put you in touch with other members who are already aware of the issue.

 Area with yellowish residue © Kees van den Berk, RWE Generation




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