ETN's first Quarterly Newsletter of the year 2024 is out

ETN is thrilled to announce the release of our first Quarterly Newsletter of the year! This issue is packed with insights, updates, and developments.

Here is a glimpse of what the issue has on offer:

  1. The Quarterly Focus: Explore the evolution of ETN as it officially transitions into the Energy & Turbomachinery Network. Plus, gain key insights from the highlights of ETN’s monumental 20th Annual General Meeting & Workshop.
  2. Inside the Network: Venture into the realm of new members and groundbreaking innovations, including a spotlight on PROENERGY’s revolutionary PE6000 turbine, transforming dispatchable power generation.
  3. ETN at Work: Gain valuable insights from key events such as ETN’s High-Level User Meeting, the 11th International Gas Turbine Conference, and other pivotal symposiums. Also do not miss out latest publications.
  4. R&D Projects: Gain exclusive access to interviews with industry experts spearheading innovation in EU-projects that ETN participates in: ROBINSON, FLEXnCONFU, and ASTERIx-CAESar.
  5. Energy Policies: Stay updated on crucial developments such as the EC’s establishment of a stakeholders request mechanism for the EU Taxonomy on sustainable activities.
  6. The Life of the GT Community: Get ahead with a sneak peek at upcoming meetings, events, and a glimpse into the dynamic ETN team.


Read the full newsletter here.



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