ETN's Board candidate CVs for term 2024-2026 are online

ETN is excited to announce that the candidate CVs for ETN’s Board, who will serve between 2024-2026, are now available for your perusal!

Representing various sectors across the entire gas turbine value chain, 17 candidate CVs have been categorised into the following segments:

  • Utility Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • OEMs
  • Service Providers
  • R&D Community or Universities
  • Consultancies

This diverse representation ensures that the Board will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of our industry’s intricacies and challenges, enabling them to chart a course towards progress and excellence.

We ask all ETN members to visit our 20th Annual General Meeting & Workshop website, where they can access the candidate CVs (login required) and gain valuable insights into the backgrounds, experiences, and visions of those contending for positions on our esteemed Board. 

The full list of CVs can be found at this link.



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