ETN submits a joint-letter to EC calling for binding biomethane targets

On October 25, ETN Global and 46 co-signatories drafted a letter urging a binding EU target for biomethane in the Hydrogen & Gas Package during the Gas Regulation trilogue.

The letter, sent to key stakeholders, expresses concern that the proposed 35 bcm biomethane objective is non-binding. It calls for policymakers to establish a binding 2030 EU-level target for biomethane within the Hydrogen & Gas Package and advocates for a comprehensive EU-level target covering all renewable gases, with accompanying measures to reduce greenhouse gas intensity in the EU gas mix by 2030.

Additionally, the letter calls for the inclusion of gas decarbonisation targets in the Package, at least as a recital, to guide future discussions on greenhouse gas emissions reduction in the sector.

Please read the full letter here.



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