ETN signs a Joint Statement on EU's 2040 Climate targets

ETN is thrilled to share that on 26 February 2024 we have signed a joint statement as part of the European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA), welcoming the new 2040 European climate targets.

As active members of ENZA, we are committed to driving impactful change towards climate neutrality by 2050. Our joint statement underscores the urgency of:

  1. rapid deployment of all zero and low carbon technologies across various industries and sectors. This collective effort is crucial in accelerating our transition to a sustainable future.
  2. creating a predictable regulatory framework and enabling market conditions for European industry to compete globally. These measures are essential in supporting industrial competitiveness and facilitating a just transition towards a greener economy.

The European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA) is a coalition comprising 24 European associations spanning various economic and industrial sectors, including manufacturing, energy infrastructure, building and construction, mobility, and agriculture. This alliance aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 through a multi-energy approach, leveraging different energy vectors such as liquid and gaseous fuels, heat and cold, and electricity to expedite decarbonisation in a cost-efficient manner.

Read the full join statement here.



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