ETN & CO2OLHEAT propose recognising WH2P activities as sustainable under the EU Taxonomy framework

ETN and our CO2OLHEAT project consortium, supported by a number of other companies, proposed to recognise the waste heat to power (WH2P) activities as sustainable under the EU Taxonomy framework. ETN and the CO2OLHEAT project partners responded to the call for feedback on the Sustainable Finance Platform’s criteria that will complete the EU Taxonomy, proposing the recognition of the “Production of electricity using waste heat” activity as sustainable, under the Transition to a circular economy objective.

Our case is strong and well supported by scientific evidence. In case of our success, WH2P activities, as well as their enabling activities (e.g. related manufacturing and research), will get better access to future financing. It will also allow companies to report the WH2P activities as environmentally sustainable.

See below our entire feedback submitted to the Platform:

General feedback including the Technical Screening Criteria
1_Estimating the waste heat recovery in the European Union Industry
2_Waste heat recovery in the EU industry and proposed new technologies
3_WH2P and its contribution – literature review





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