ETN announces the launch of a new Working Group: Gas Turbine Life Assessment and Extension

ETN announces the launch of the Gas Turbine Life Assessment and Extension Working Group, which will aim to tackle the challenges associated with extending the life of gas turbine components, with a specific focus on critical parts such as hot gas path components, rotors, and compressors.

The new Working Group has identified several key initiatives that will be addressed, each dedicated to specific aspects of gas turbine life assessment and extension:

  1. Enhancing Confidence in Life Prediction: This initiative focuses on employing advanced non-destructive inspection techniques to improve confidence in predicting the remaining life of critical parts under cyclic duties.
  2. Rotor and Disc Lifing: By developing an engineering platform and utilizing non-destructive inspections, this initiative aims to estimate the time to initiate creep and fatigue cracks in rotors and discs, enabling informed decisions regarding their life extension.
  3. Compressor Integrity and Reliability: This initiative seeks to develop comprehensive inspection and risk assessment methods to address the integrity and reliability of compressor parts, minimizing the risk of unplanned outages and enhancing overall compressor performance.

Dr. Siavash Pahlavanyali, from RINA Tech UK, the Chairman of ETN’s Gas Turbine Life Assessment and Extension Working Group, emphasises the importance of collaboration in this initiative:

“The Gas Turbine Life Assessment and Extension initiative invites owners, operators, and service providers to join forces and contribute to these critical engineering analyses. By working together, we can expand our knowledge, effectively manage risks, and extend the useful life of gas turbine components.”

ETN Global warmly invites all interested parties to participate in the Gas Turbine Life Assessment and Extension Working Group. This initiative offers a valuable opportunity for collaboration, enabling us to overcome the significant challenges by working towards finding solutions associated with gas turbine life assessment in the face of evolving fuel options and increased cyclic operations.

More information about the Gas Turbine Life Assessment and Extension Working Group is available on our website.

To express interest in joining the new initiative, please contact ETN’s Senior Technical Manager Rene Vijgen:

The following companies are in the steering committee:


Read the full press release here.



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