ETN Announces A New Cooperation With GTUsers.Com

Brussels, Belgium – ETN and have decided to start a new cooperation. As both are user-driven gas turbine organisations, the cooperation is aiming to increase the impact and to making life easier for the gas turbine user community by combining and linking separate activities, which will reduce duplications of work/activities. The objective is to enforce the existing user groups and to increase the flow of information, development needs and requirements from the user community to the ETN platform and the entire value chain. currently hosts the following independent user groups: GE turbines: Frame 6FA, Frame 9FA/FB, Frame 9E, Frame 6B, LM6000. Alstom turbines: GT26, GT13E2. Siemens turbines: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT5-2000E (V94.2). Rolls Royce turbines: RB211, Trent. is a secure platform for end users to raise problems and share solutions among other end users. Additionally organises user conferences for the user groups.

With this cooperation, the selected issues brought to the ETN platform would benefit from a wider visibility and more general non-specific engine issues/requirements would be tackled by the whole gas turbine community in ETN’s Technical Committees. These issues would also highlight the requirements that are high on the users’ agendas. Issues proposed for ETN Technical Committees would be pre-reviewed by end user steering committee(s) where the importance of the issue and confidentiality will be evaluated.

Christer Björkqvist, Managing Director of ETN stated: “ETN will add an additional dimension as we will provide the link to the R&D community and together work towards possible developments and solutions with Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers. I believe that this cooperation will be beneficial to all stakeholders.”

Yrjö Komokallio, Managing Director of GASRE ( stressed that “ has many industrial users and the majority of them are using their engines for power generation. ETN would help by bringing-in users from the oil & gas sector to our web platform to disseminate information and discuss solutions. ETN’s cooperation is an additional possibility for end user groups to initiate development projects for general non-specific engine issues. We believe that this cooperation brings added value to end users.”

Activities of both organisations will resume as normal.

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