Second episode of ETN webinar series – R&D Activities on sCO2 in Europe: Components challenge – Compressors

ETN Global recently launched new free webinar series “R&D Activities on sCO2 in Europe”.

Eight participating projects gathered to create this unique event series: CARBOSOLA* (German national project), COMPASsCO2, CO2OLHEAT (coordinated by ETN), DESOLINATION, SCARABEUS, sCO2-Efekt (Czech national project), sCO2-4-NPP, and SOLARSCO2OL.

Participants of the first webinar episode of 22 September 2022 chose a topic for the second one: Components challenge. Therefore, several follow-up webinars will be organised, each of them covering one sCO2 power cycle component. This upcoming episode of 5 December 2022 (14h00-15h00 CEST) will elaborate on sCO2 compressors.

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Webinar proceedings:

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* More information on the project: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)


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