Fourth episode of ETN webinar series – R&D Activities on sCO2 in Europe: Components challenge – Heat Exchangers

ETN Global brings already the fourth episode of its successful free webinar series “R&D Activities on sCO2 in Europe”. This time, our webinar is part of EUSEW – European Sustainable Energy Week, as a Sustainable Energy Day.

Nine participating projects gathered to create this unique event series: CARBOSOLA* (German national project), COMPASsCO2, CO2OLHEAT (coordinated by ETN), DESOLINATION, iSOP, SCARABEUS, sCO2-Efekt (Czech national project), sCO2-4-NPP, and SOLARSCO2OL.

Participants of the first webinar episode chose the topic of their highest interest: the components challenge. Therefore, several follow-up webinars are being organised, each of them covering one sCO2 power cycle component. The December 2022 session detailed compressors, the March 2023 session elaborated on sCO2 heat exchangers (recuperators and coolers), and this upcoming episode will continue with the heat exchangers – primary heaters.

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Webinar proceedings:

* More information on the project: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)


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