10th International Gas Turbine Conference – Gas turbines in a carbon-neutral society

About IGTC

The International Gas Turbine Conference (IGTC) is a well-established and renowned biennial conference, organised by ETN, representing the whole gas turbine community. Its objective is to raise the awareness of gas turbine (GT) and turbomachinery technology development needs – from operators’ perspectives – and to explore and exchange ideas with GT experts from the whole value chain attending from all continents. It also provides the opportunity to meet and discuss with policymakers the role of gas turbines in future energy scenarios. The conference highlights the energy market outlook in Europe and in key markets globally, as well as presents and disseminates current R&D activities and latest achievements for flexible, efficient, reliable and environmentally sound gas turbine technology. More information on the previous conferences is available here


Virtual conference: 11-15 October 2021

The conference will include 5 keynote sessions, 9 technical sessions (with 27 technical papers to be presented), a virtual exhibition lounge and innovative networking opportunities. 


Preliminary programme

Monday 11 October

13:30-14:45 (CEST): Keynote session 1: Energy transition to a global carbon-neutral society

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 1: Hydrogen gas turbines

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 2: Decentralised energy systems

Tuesday 12 October

13:30-14:45 (CEST): Keynote session 2: Roadmap for the realisation of a carbon-neutral society

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 3: Alternative fuels and efficiency increases

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 4: Advanced manufacturing and materials

Wednesday 13 October

13:30-14:45 (CEST): Keynote session 3: National and regional gas turbine markets: opportunities and challenges towards a hydrogen economy                                           

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 5: Hydrogen gas turbine developments                           

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 6: Condition-based maintenance               

Thursday 14 October

13:30-14:45 (CEST): Keynote session 4: Key R&D topics in the energy transition

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 7: System integration

15:10-16:40 (CEST): Technical session 8: Component monitoring and life extension

Friday 15 October

13:30-14:45 (CEST): Keynote session 5: Technology development path for a carbon-neutral society

15:00-16:30 (CEST): Technical session 9: Retrofit and optimisation solutions



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