Webinar on “Reducing Carbon Emissions in Gas Turbines using BASF OASE® Blue Technology”

The ETN CCS Taskforce is pleased to announce a virtual event on “Reducing Carbon Emissions in Gas Turbines using BASF OASE® Blue Technology”. The webinar will take place on 20 June from 15.00 to 16.00 (CET).



Gas turbines are integral to power generation and industrial processes worldwide, but their carbon emissions pose significant environmental challenges. This webinar delves into the characteristics of the gas turbine flue gas stream and explores the intricacies involved in capturing CO2 from this stream. The emphasis will be on solvent-based carbon capture, with a specific focus on the cutting-edge BASF OASE blue technology. The flue gas stream produced by a gas turbine has distinct characteristics, such as high O2 / CO2 composition ratio, high flow rates, and fluctuating CO2 partial pressure. These specific attributes necessitate a complex design for the carbon capture unit, which in turn has a substantial impact on both CAPEX and OPEX in a CCS project execution.


Presenter of the webinar

The technological solution of BASF will be presented by Mohamed Anas Mohamed Shaharuddin, a Chartered Chemical Engineer (IChemE) with over 13 years of experience in oil & gas industry. Mohamed has a diverse professional development spanning across gas treating, catalyst & adsorbent technologies and techno-commercial areas. He started his career as a Process Engineer mostly in gas processing area before transitioning into techno-commercial role over the past few years. Currently he works for BASF as a Senior Technology & Marketing Manager for OASE Gas Treatment business in Houston office. He received his Chemical Engineering degree from University of Melbourne, Australia in 2010.

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