SUPEHR 2019 event

The “SUstainable PolyEnergy generation and HaRvesting – SUPEHR 2019” conference will take place on 4-6 September 2019 in Savona, Italy. The conference will bring together the industry, academia, and research community to exchange experiences, ideas and technical results on future technologies for sustainable energy generation, encompassing the whole range from large power plants to small energy harvesters.

SUPEHR’19 will co-locate three complementary events on specific days:

  • 4 September: Sustainable Power Plants
  • 5 September: Thermal and Electrical Hybrid Systems
  • 6 September: Energy micropolygeneration and harvesting

The call for abstracts is now open – find out more about the event here.



Savona Campus - University of Genoa, Via Magliotto, 2, Savona, Savone, Italie



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