LNG Technical Workshop

The Canadian Industrial Gas Turbine Applications (IAGT) committee is hosting an LNG Technical Workshop on 15-16 May in Vancouver, British Columbia as in the preliminary Agenda.

The purpose of this basic training is to describe various LNG liquefaction, processing and gas pipeline technology systems that affect system efficiency, reliability and environmental issues for proposed projects in British Columbia, as summarised;

  • – Basics of Refrigeration and Compression
  • – Natural Gas Liquefaction Processes
  • – Gas Turbines and Energy Systems
  • – Heat Exchangers, Alternative Motor Drive Systems
  • – Gas Pipeline and Compressor Designs
  • – Environmental Issues

ETN members are entitled to a specific discount ($650 CDN for 2 attendees instead of $650 CDN for 1 attendee).

Please contact the ETN Office for more information.





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