4th International Gas Turbine Conference – The Future Of Gas Turbine Technology

The 4th International Gas Turbine Conference – Future of Gas Turbine Technology was held in Brussels on 15-16 October 2008. More than 140 participants from Europe, US, Middle East and Asia attended the conference. A quarter of them were gas turbine users, and more than a third from OEMs and third party suppliers.

Participants gathered in a climate of rising demand of reducing emission and fuel flexibility. Policymakers from the EU presented the current status of the industrial emissions regulation. The US Department of Energy reported on the progress of technology R&D programmes in the US. A panel consisted of OEMs, GT users, research institutes and policymakers discussed the role of gas turbine technology improvement in reaching climate policy goals.

The high-level keynote sections were accompanied by technical presentations on some of the major technology breakthroughs in the gas turbine industry.

Final Programme

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Keynote Sessions

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Technical Sessions

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